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Will Your Project Be Funded?

Do you have a project that would help benefit our community? Grants are available for projects or events which have the intent of bringing tourism dollars to the communities of Custer County. Scroll Down to View Application Criteria.

Projects Funded

Custer County Ag Society


Seven Valleys Museum


Arnold Rotary Shelter


Custer County Historical Society

development marketing

Etna Historical Marker


What are the Grants for?

Grants are available for projects or events that have the intent of bringing tourism dollars to the communities of Custer County.

Who Organizes the Grants?

Grants are administered by the Custer County Tourism Visitors Committee which is an advisory board to the Custer County Board of Supervisors pursuant to
the Nebraska Visitors
Development Act.

Why are the Grants Important?

Funds are used to promote, encourage, and attract visitors to come to the county and use the travel and tourism facilities within the county. Funds are also used to improve the visitor attractions and facilities within the county.

Where does the Grant Money Come From?

Grant monies are collected from lodging taxes so emphasis on promoting events and attractions that lead to overnight stays at lodging facilities within the county is key to continued sustainability
of grant funds.

Criteria for Grant Applications

Grant Purpose

Grants are available for projects/events which have the intent of bringing tourism dollars to the communities of Custer County.

Provide Project Information

  • Description, purpose, objective of event / project
  • How grant money will be used
  • How will this event / project benefit Custer County
  • Proposed date of event / timeline and completion date of project

Grant Request Deadline

Grant request deadline dates occur twice per year. Requests must be submitted to the Committee by April 30 and/or Oct. 31 each year.

Funds Must be Used To:

  • Improve the visitor attractions and facilities within the county
  •  Advertising and promotion of events encouraging visitors to come to the county, and use the travel and tourism facilities within the county

Application Contact

Application forms may be requested by contacting Rick Maas at 308-870-0165, rick_maas1@msn.com or Cheryl Carson at aedc@gpcom.net.

Provide Supporting Documents

  • Budget Worksheet for event / project  include bids if necessary
  • IRS Tax Exemption Letter (if applicable)
  • List of Officers or Board of Directors
  • Latest Financial Statement
  •  Current Operating Budget

Are You Ready?

If you think your project will help the community and meets the criteria above,
you are ready to fill out an application.