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Custer County Tourism Visitors Committee Purpose

The purpose of the Visitors Committee shall be to aid the County Board of Supervisors in the administration of proceeds from the tax revenue provided to Custer County by the Nebraska Visitors Development Act for the general promotion, encouragement and attraction of visitors to Custer County and use the travel and tourism facilities therein. In furtherance of this purpose, the Visitors Committee shall:

1. Realize the importance and potential in tourism development, locally and regionally, to the Custer County economy. Developing local awareness, support and sense of pride of Custer County residents is of primary importance.

2. Assist, financially and otherwise, tourism related organizations within the county with the expressed intent of building and strengthening the capacity of such organizations as they relate to county tourism development.

3. Prepare and review with the County Board of Supervisors a budget for the administration of the proceeds from the County Visitors Promotion Fund and the County Visitors Improvement Fund for the fiscal year beginning July 1.

4. Act as consultant to the County Board of Supervisors in the procurement of contractual services, if the Board of Supervisors so desires, in order to carry out the provisions of the Nebraska Visitors Development Act.

5. Monitor and maintain a close working relationship with any contractor or contractors that may be chosen to carry out any of the functions and purposes of the Nebraska Visitors Development Act.